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Meet Jamie | Employee Spotlight

For Jamie, the motivation to persevere in her everyday life comes easily, even while facing challenges. She is a mother, a college student and an assistant store manager for Goodwill West Texas.

“My kids and my husband are what keep me motivated,” Jamie said.

Five years ago, Jamie joined Goodwill in Eastland as a Halloween specialist, with the intention of only working for the season. However, she loved the welcoming environment and saw an opportunity to further her career at Goodwill. After the Halloween season, she moved into a role as a production worker. Her diligence and leadership at work was evident. She soon received a promotion to a lead, then was promoted again to assistant store manager.

Jamie’s favorite part about being an assistant manager is interacting with the customers and employees. Their team of eight has become close and works very well together, Jamie said. They also have the benefit of a tight-knit, supportive community.

“Our customers are great,” Jamie said. “This is a small town, and for the most part we have known everybody since we were little.”

While working at Goodwill, Jamie’s husband faced an injury and had to make a career change. Jamie decided it was time to revisit her childhood career goals in order to support her family further, so she enrolled in nursing school.

“I have always wanted to be a nurse,” Jamie said. “Even as a little girl.”

Jamie said Goodwill has provided tremendous support during her nursing school journey. She has been able to schedule her work hours around her school hours, including taking time off for schoolwork and tests.

“Nursing school is a lot of work,” Jamie said. “Goodwill has been great about helping me work around it.”

Jamie will graduate from nursing school next December. She plans to work with people who are facing mental health challenges, something she has witnessed first-hand at Goodwill. She wants to help make a difference in others' lives.

She is very excited for her next journey but will miss her home at Goodwill.

“It’s very bittersweet,” Jamie said. “I am definitely going to miss it.”

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