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youth ahead

The Youth Ahead class and *employment opportunities are provided through our Career Center program.


Designed to target at-risk in our youth community, Goodwill-West Texas facilitates Youth Ahead classes and curriculum in partnership with local schools and organizations to provide employability and soft skills training. The goal of the program is to prepare at-risk youth to enter the workforce and prevent the youth of today from becoming our clients of tomorrow.

*The hiring age at Goodwill-West Texas starts at 16. All individuals 16-18 years old who become employed at our thrift store locations are automatically enrolled into the Youth Ahead program.

This training is set up into five modules of learning that include:

Module 1:


Module 2:

Positive Attitudes

Module 3:


Module 4:

Problem Solving

Module 5:


If you are interested in registering for or organizing a class, please contact your nearest Career Center.

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