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Meet Cara, a dedicated member of the Goodwill West Texas team with a year and a half of invaluable experience under her belt. Her journey with Goodwill began when she embarked on a job search, eventually finding her way to the Goodwill Abilene Career Center. 

The Career Center played a pivotal role in Cara's job search, connecting her with opportunities at two Goodwill locations in Abilene.  

"They were so helpful," Cara said. 

Now serving as a cashier at the Pine location, Cara has become a beacon of positivity, as acknowledged by Pine Assistant Manager Mary Mathews. Mary describes Cara as one of the most positive individuals she has ever encountered. 

“She is truly an asset to this store and this company,” Mary said. 

The positive environment at Goodwill has significantly influenced Cara's work ethic.

"It motivates you to do your job and have a good outlook throughout the day," Cara said.  

Cara has not only excelled in her role but has also developed essential people and organizational skills during her time at Goodwill. Her commitment to hard work, coupled with her newfound skills, has contributed to her success within the organization. 

One of the aspects Cara cherishes most about her job is the opportunity to meet and interact with diverse individuals.  

"You get to meet different people here," Cara said. "It's just a really nice place to work." 

In just a year and a half, Cara has not only found a fulfilling position at Goodwill but has also embraced personal and professional growth, thanks to the positive and supportive environment fostered by the organization. Her story exemplifies the impact that Goodwill has on the lives of its employees. 

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