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Meet Marianela | Employee Spotlight

Marianela has faced her share of challenges in life. Born in Honduras, she was diagnosed with a severe form of spina bifida at birth. Since then, she has navigated multiple related illnesses and medical procedures. Despite those obstacles, Marianela’s mentality is to “always find a way.”

In August, Marianela joined the Big Spring Goodwill team.

“Marianela is one of our hardest working employees,” Big Spring store manager Samantha Myrick shared. “Since she has been here, she loves the job and is willing to help wherever she can.”

Marianela works at the cash register and on the sales floor, where she prides herself on providing an organized and clean shopping experience for the Big Spring community. It helps, Marianela said, to work for an employer that focuses on making accommodations for people with barriers to employment.

As a wheelchair user, Marianela utilizes the public transportation system, which dictates her work schedule and creates obstacles if ever she needs to alter her hours unexpectedly. When that does happen, Marianela said she is fortunate to be able to lean on the support of her family, especially her mom.

“Everything that happens to me, happens to her,” Marianela said.

Regardless of the obstacles she faces, Marianela said she doesn’t feel like she is limited more than others.

“Everyone can be normal,” she said. “I always find a way to do things. To live better – normal –as much as I can.”

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